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Rides List

Club rides are primarily on Sundays (‘A’ and often an 'Impromptu' ride) but we also have some ‘B’ rides which take place during the week. 

The average speed of the ‘A’ rides is around 14/15 mph, depending on the terrain & who is out riding; in winter the distances are around 50 – 60 miles and they gradually increase through spring and into summer when they are around 80 – 100 miles. 

The average speed of the 'Impromptu' rides is a more leisurely 11/13 mph & the distances covered are considerably shorter than the ‘A’ rides; these can be a good starting point for any new rider who feels unsure how they will fit in.  The 'Impromptu' rides often start at the same time and place (Bolton Town Hall) as the 'A' rides but the route is usually decided on the day depending on the conditions.  

We make all newcomers very welcome and it is fine to try us for a handful of rides before becoming a member, please note though that under 18’s will need parental consent.  


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Tours/Cycling Weekends

The club organises tours in Europe typically lasting a week to 10 days.  In recent years there have been successful cycle tours in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland, Italy and Scotland.  Club members have flown to the destination country with their bikes and rear panniers, and then toured across the country moving from hotel to hotel. 

The club weekend events typically last 4 days, with a ride to and from the location, plus daily rides over the weekend.  


Some members also agree a week for a collective break in Majorca, hiring bikes and organising group rides to explore the beautiful island.  

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