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Bolton Clarion was founded in 1896 and has been in continuous existence ever since. Our earliest archives were donated to the Working Class Movement Library in Salford several years ago. They have been digitised and are available for study.  Bolton Clarion's Ward-Gosling Trophy is named after the two members of Bolton Clarion cycling Club who gave their lives in the Second World War - Herbert Ward and Tom Gosling.  The history of the Trophy can be found here.

In recent years membership has been stable at around 50 - 60. We are mostly a leisure and touring club, but some members also participate in Cyclocross racing, Time trials, Audaxes and Sportives, some members ride the velodrome, and others are mountain bikers. Our general ethos on club rides is to use interesting routes on quieter country roads, with a decent cafe about half way.  In recent years there have been successful cycle tours in several European counties.  We are part of the National Clarion Cycling Club and affiliated to British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials and the North Lancashire Time Trials Association.

We are proud to be a club for cyclists of all abilities and we never leave behind riders who might have trouble keeping up.

Our Mission

To  have as much fun as possible whilst riding a bike  

Our Mission

Our Vision

A smooth clear road ahead on a sunny day

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